An uncommon location for a circus, but it was perfect. A mile trolley car ride into the cemetery I discovered a tree shaded lake which became the stage for acrobats, musicians, unicyclists and show girls. In the backdrop was the Niblo family Mausoleum. The Niblos were originators of a Brooklyn Circus in the 1800s.

There was wonder, smiles and parades of performers in the first hour. The second hour brought performances on lakeside stages and on the lake in boats . There was an  organist, an opera singer, and a wish ceremony where tea lights set afloat on the lake at dark.

The fun was contagious, I got to know my neighbors, hospitality was shared across picnics as was the specialness of the evening, its venue and the happiness that we were there to experience it all.

What uncommon locations have you discovered exceptional entertainment experiences?